Client case: Agu

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Growth in Germany: AGU

AGU is an ambitious Dutch sports and textile brand that develops bicycle clothing, bicycle accessories, bags and raingear. AGU’s mission is to encourage people to cycle more. A mission with which the brand also wants to conquer the German market. But, where to start?

The challenge

In their home market, AGU has a brand awareness of 80 percent. 50 percent of the people in the Netherlands who ride their bike frequently own at least one AGU product. But AGU in Germany had to start from scratch. So where to start? How to gain traction? How to ensure growth? These are all important questions that AGU wasn’t able to answer on its own.

AGU was looking for an experienced local partner to grow their brand in Germany with. That’s where we came in: FSG.

At the end of 2019, we started working together to bring AGU to Germany. Where did that lead to? Watch the video:

Dual-track strategy

To give AGU a good start, we opted for a dual-track strategy with a central focus on brand localization. This is a strategy that we frequently use when brands want to enter the German market.

The first track focuses on online sales. Based on research, customer insights and learnings from performance campages, we try to find out which products are best sellers in Germany. This is mainly a matter of a lot of testing and measuring, agile working and fast switching.

“We chose FSG because FSG has local expertise from a very large and important market, Germany.”

Eduard BrenninkmeijerHead of Marketing AGU

The second track focuses on brand building. We use a broad mix of channels for this. Think of social media, PR, influencer marketing and display campaigns, but also digital out of home.


The e-commerce results in AGU’s first year in Germany were very promissing. From the start late 2019, AGU’s turnover has doubled every quarter. It is expected that by 2021 AGU‘s online business in Germany will already outperform the online business in their home market in the Netherlands.

When it comes to branding and brand awareness, AGU is also making great progress. The fan base, for example, has increased enormously. And, even better: the brand’s engagement rate is twice as high as what you normally see in the market.


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The post Client case: Agu first appeared on Fingerspitzengefühl.

The post Client case: Agu appeared first on Fingerspitzengefühl.

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