FSG and POM Amsterdam introduce the colourful Dutch fashion brand POM in Germany

FSG is proud to announce its partnership with Dutch fashion brand POM Amsterdam. FSG and POM Amsterdam have big plans to grow POM’s online business in Germany.

POM Amsterdam was founded by Liesbeth & Violet Lotgering, two sisters from the Netherlands who started designing colourful scarves in 2011. Since then, they have added fashionable, colourful dresses, blouses, skirts and suits to their collection, always with contrasting colours and bold prints.

Germany is very similar to the Netherlands in terms of culture and values. We look forward to introducing our colourful clothing to the German consumer,’ says POM’s Managing Director Matthijs Bijl. We are very curious which items from our colourful collection are suitable for German women and hope to be able to add items to the collection made specifically for German women soon.

FSG’s Aydan Bahadir (left) and Radboud Langenhorst (right) talking to the POM Amsterdam team.

I think we can all agree that Germany is always in need of more colourful and eye-catching fashion, so welcome aboard POM Amsterdam! I am really looking forward to our cooperation and the successful growth of this original brand on the German market,” says Radboud Langenhorst, FSG’s CEO.

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