FSG Podcast Ep. 8 with Noor van Boven

Recently we had Noor van Boven at the FSG BERLIN Podcast. Via TomTom, Soundcloud and N26, she now invests in start-ups herself. Noor’s USP: human resources at fast-growing companies. For example, she led the growth of N26, hiring an average of 150 people per month over a two-year period.

In the conversation with Ruurd van der Weide and Derk Marseille, Noor goes into depth on topics such as chaotic times at companies due to extreme growth and different types of company culture. She answers questions such as: How can you ensure that your employees have an impact in times of growth? How do you preserve the culture within your company? Are you explicit in your communication about operating?

🎧 Website: https://bit.ly/3EiZyV8 
🎧 Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Zwpz4s 
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